Sunday, 10 February 2013

Something's coming, something good!

Since I just started this blog, I haven't written much about the process of putting together The Littlest Knight.  As of today, Darren and I are so close to finalizing the look of the book and heading to a printer that it's hard to contain our excitement.  I can see the end result in sight, and I am so looking forward to being able to share the final product with our friends and family.

Rather than show you the cover design (which you can see over at Darren's blog - it's definitely worth a visit), I wanted to post one of the original concept sketches from the book.  Darren and I got together last January to discuss what kind of images I was looking for.  I had a drawing of a knight that I had done, and I mentioned to him that I really like characters with big heads and little bodies.  I also had really bad sketches of some of the pages I wanted, but he knew instinctively what I was looking for and churned out amazing drawings right from day one.

When I ask my son who this is, he answers, "Me!" 

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