Thursday, 31 January 2013

To blog or not to blog? That was the question.

I will admit that I have often wondered why anyone would be compelled to log their activities and opinions on such a public forum as a blog, but I have also read that blogs can be good marketing and networking tools for self-published authors. So, although I have yet to reach the point of having something published, it's coming soon. I should also mention that reading the blogs of other self-published authors has helped boost my confidence as I struggle through some of the logistics of choosing a printer/publisher and creating a marketing plan for my first children’s book.

The Littlest Knight is a story that I wrote for my son. I’ve been writing in some form or other since I was about thirteen years old when I started keeping a diary, but it wasn’t until I wrote this story that I wanted to find a way to see my writing in print for others to read. I wanted to do this for my son and I wanted to share it with friends. Once the story was written, I would leave it for a while before revisiting it for changes and edits, and soon I considered it might be illustrated. Although I can draw, my own illustrations would no doubt be inconsistent so I knew I would have to find an illustrator. As luck would have it, in the fall of 2011 I was cast in a local production of White Christmas with a talented actor playing the role of Phil Davis. Darren Bird and I had already performed together on a smaller scale, but it was during White Christmas that I saw some of his artwork and determined to ask him to illustrate my story. Right from the start, Darren was as enthused as I was about the project, and so our partnership was born.

I hope that, through this blog, I will be able to tell this reading audience about how The Littlest Knight began to take shape and how it’s transformation to a published work took place.