Saturday, 7 December 2013

Les livres sont ici!

The French version of The Littlest Knight was delivered to my door on Thursday morning!  Being faced with selling 500 copies of a book in my second language is daunting, but it is still exciting to know that the story can now be shared with that many more people... and in French!

Of course, the arrival of the books required a bit of quick action on my part.  My amazing illustrator, Darren Bird ( was scheduled to be at Ottawa's Pop Expo this weekend, so I had to get copies to him before the event.  I drove to his place over lunch and we sat down to catch up and to sign 100 copies of the book.

In Canada, the National Library also requires a legal deposit of the book, so those were mailed off quickly.  It's pretty neat to think this book, in both languages, has become a piece of Canadian literary history!

Then, the first few copies were shipped off to eager readers: my friend and editor, Roxane Delisle; a former co-worker and my initial proof-reader for the French version, Stephan Vermette; and a copy for Milo, the son of a long-distance friend who lives in France.  I even had a few pre-orders to fill, and a couple of books were donated to my son's school for their library.  It's thrilling to know that there are already children out there who will be able to read this book during the holidays.

So, next year's task will be to step up my marketing plan, perhaps do some readings (with an abridged version of the sotry), and look into the possibility of finding a publisher who might take the book to the next level.  And, yes, I plan on working on another Littlest Knight story, but I don't expect that it will be done for at least another few months.  Perhaps that will be my holiday project to have the first draft.  Stay tuned!

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